Best Women’s Clothing/Best Shopping Spree: Urban Outfitters

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

921 Church St, (847) 492-8542,

Some may claim that Urban Outfitters is over–rated, but it is quite the contrary: their widespread appeal is apparent in the store’s victories in both the “Best Women’s Clothing” and “Best Shopping Spree” categories. Whether you’re looking for a pastel peplum or a torn-up tank, Urban seems to have something for everyone. Their array of accessories is nearly unparalleled and the selection of party essentials is enough to get any social gathering started.

In terms of “Best Women’s Clothing,” Urban Outfitters has a wide variety of styles and sizes that conform to most body types. What seems to keep Urban thriving, however, is their enviable “cool” factor that many alternatives seem to lack. When perusing the shelves, it’s easy to find oneself engrossed in the idea of being able to “pull off” an ensemble that has caught the eye.

As far as the “Best Shopping Spree” category goes, Urban Outfitters definitely takes the cake. It’s difficult to come away with just one item, and the lower-priced accessories by the cash register are nearly impossible to pass up. While some of the items are on the steeper side in terms of price, covetable brands are ever-present and make it hard to say no, as do the expansive sale racks. – Elizabeth Freda