This Week We’re Obsessed With: ‘Scandal’


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The stellar chemistry between Tony Goldwyn (left) and Kerry Washington (right) as President Fitzgerald Grant and political “fixer” Olivia Pope shines through in ABC’s “Scandal.” The show wrapped up its second season last week.

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

As someone who openly admits to being ignorant and uninterested when it comes to politics, I am absolutely obsessed with the television show “Scandal,” despite its protagonist’s White House connections. From the captivating romance of some characters to the dark and tortured side of others, “Scandal” is my guilty pleasure.

The ABC drama follows political “fixer” Olivia Pope, who advises the White House on how to quell scandals. Olivia’s staffers call themselves “gladiators,” and gladiators they are. Olivia somehow rescued each member of her team from a dark fate, and their fierce loyalty makes for an interesting group dynamic.

Because you learn of Olivia’s romantic life in the first episode, it’s no spoiler if I tell you about her relationship with the president of the United States, fondly referred to as Fitz. They’ve known each other for years and are the kind of couple that always manages to find themselves back in love despite all odds.

It’s no exaggeration when I say Fitz and Olivia are the reason I watch the show. I live for their on-screen interactions. Fitz’s wife Millie is constantly manipulating him to win him back, and Olivia has no shortage of handsome men pursuing her. Wrenches are constantly being thrown in the way of their love — which is what makes it so great.

It also doesn’t hurt that the two of them are easily the sexiest couple on TV. Plus, Fitz’s powerful political position adds to the suspense and drama surrounding their love.

When the two lovers aren’t dominating the show, “Scandal” is filled with complicated characters to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat. There is always a new political scandal brewing, whether it’s election rigging or a closeted governor. “Scandal” is one of the few shows I have found that is never lacking in action or plot points, and I always find myself surprised by the many twists and turns.

As opposed to other ABC shows, “Scandal” also has an element of realism. Contrary to programs such as “Private Practice” and “Modern Family,” it is filled with some little-known actors, which I truly appreciate. Actress Katie Lowes, who has had smaller roles in the past, really shines in “Scandal,” playing a woman on the run who was saved by Olivia. The lesser-known actors and actresses were cast wonderfully and really bring emotion to the set of “Scandal.”

Kerry Washington, however, is definitely the staple of the show. She was born to play Olivia — from the way she cries to the way she owns a room, Washington nails the role.

To summarize, every day with a new episode of “Scandal” is the new best day of my life. Season two just ended, and I am not-so-patiently awaiting season three, especially because of the major cliffhangers from the last episode. If you’re looking for a thrilling, sexually charged, dynamic and unpredictable hour of television, “Scandal” is it.