Five Words for Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy


Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

Angelina Jolie opened up and admitted Tuesday she had undergone a double mastectomy to drastically decrease her chances of getting breast cancer from a genetic mutation that predisposes her to the disease. This revelation has prompted an outpouring of support on social media platforms, as well as from Jolie’s significant other, Brad Pitt. Current and Daily staffers, along with some Northwestern students, chime in on the celebrity’s bold announcement:

“Act before it’s too late.” — Edward Cox

“Angelina Jolie, you go, girl.” — Roshni Rawlani

“Not pre-med; what’s a mastectomy?” — Alex Burnham

“Psh. Her body, her choice.” — Shelby Thordarson

“Taking action, I like it.” — Jen Reese

“She made a good decision.” — Chelsea Sherlock

“Ignore the haters. Good choice.” — Sowa Imoisilli

“She’s a beautiful, brave woman.” — Michele Corriston