Five Words for campus bicyclists

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

Biking may be one of the more eco-friendly ways to get around, but Northwestern students seem to have some pretty strong opinions about the cyclists here on campus. From observations of rudeness to a desire for more bike paths, below are some of their opinions in five words.

“Sheridan isn’t the X Games.” — Alex Matelski

“You really should just walk.” — Dan Ngai

“Wear a f—— helmet, idiots.” — Catherine Chung

“Northwestern needs more bike paths.” — Allison Patrick

“Move, bitch, get out the …” — Jules Cantor

“Stop running into my shoulder.” — Dirk Opland

“MOVE, I’m taking the MCAT.” — Roshni Rawlani

“I will break your bike.” — Orko Manna

“Stop hating on my ride.” — Jen Reese