Progressive Alliance endorses ASG candidates

Progressive Alliance

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The Progressive Alliance (College Democrats, College Feminists, NCDC, Rainbow Alliance, and SEED) would like to thank each of the ASG candidates for their commitment to supporting progressive initiatives on campus and the hard work they have put into their campaigns.

After considering the platforms and stances of each of the candidates, the Progressive Alliance has made the following endorsements:

For the position of ASG President and Vice President, the Progressive Alliance endorses both tickets of Ani and Alex, and David and Jo. Both pairs of candidates articulate their visions in a way that respects progressive goals across campus. Their experiences in a diverse array of groups across campus, in addition to their time spent in ASG, give them a significant edge over the other candidates. As a great manager of services, David has demonstrated a dedication to improving the Northwestern experience, and Jo brings a uniquely entrepreneurial perspective and vision. We were especially impressed by their clear delineation of goals and tasks for their respective positions. Ani and Alex had a strong grasp on and extensive experience working with diverse groups across campus. They demonstrated a dedication to understanding different and unique perspectives within the student body, and their record of visible changes and initiatives serving communities across Northwestern is quite impressive.

Given this year’s preferential voting procedures, we feel that it is important to identify two strong candidates whose platforms reflect progressive ideas and whose records are strong both within ASG and across various student groups. We strongly encourage students to read the candidates’ platforms carefully, and place the candidates endorsed above as their first and second choices, in the order they see fit.

For the position of Student Life Vice President, we endorse Harrison Flagler. Harrison has displayed a clear passion for ASG and the student body, and has tackled a tremendous learning curve in ASG very quickly. The SLVP has historically worked to serve students living on-campus, with a focus on the needs of freshmen and sophomores. As such, we view Harrison’s relative youth as an asset, and his intimate knowledge of ASG, the administration, and the needs of on-campus students will prepare him well for a future of leadership in ASG.

For the position of Academic Vice President, we endorse Sofia Sami. While Sofia is running unopposed, we feel she demonstrated admirable goals, and a commitment to understanding different perspectives across campus. She expressed an interest in highlighting experiential learning, and was open to both diversity and engagement requirements. We feel she will be a valuable leader in opening the Northwestern academic experience to new perspectives.