The Rundown: Week of April 15

Annie Bruce, Current Assistant Editor

  • After getting engaged in June 2012, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have yet to set a wedding date. Father Billy Ray Cyrus was cautious to avoid mentioning the engagement in his memoir “Hillbilly Hearth.” In a recent interview, he admitted he intentionally left things vague because he doesn’t know if the young couple will end up marrying. Miley has extra incentive to get married now to continue her “rebellious” phase and show up her dad. Kids these days.
  • Apparently Chippendales is catering to a new audience. The Las Vegas show will feature “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Ian Ziering as a guest headliner for four weeks in June. The 49-year-old actor calls the job a “dream come true,” and he already has some experience after doing “Dancing with the Stars.” I’m just waiting for ABC to start a late-night version of the show focusing on Chippendales, featuring the D-listers who are ready to move on to their next dancing gig.
  • Actress Aubrey Plaza proved it’s harder to pull a Kanye than one might think. At the MTV Movie Awards, she attempted to grab Will Ferrell’s Comedic Genius award from him during his acceptance speech. Plaza, who appeared visibly intoxicated, had the name of her new movie written on her chest when she took the stage. Ferrell, proving he deserved to win the Comedic award, deadpanned, “Just like we rehearsed it.” In the end, viewers were just plain confused. At least Kanye’s interruption had a point.
  • After various online sources posted articles claiming a “Friends” reunion would finally happen, Marta Kauffman, one of the show’s creators, shot down the reports. The rumor mill said there would be an entirely new season of the show, but Kauffman told reporters there would never be a new season or a movie reunion, leaving viewers slightly relieved and a little heart-broken all at once.
  • Actress Pamela Anderson recently told reporters she never “felt beautiful.” Despite this claim, Anderson has a pretty good explanation for why photographers might want to change her image. “I don’t know if it’s because I’m so hot, but they definitely try to tone down my sex appeal,” Anderson said. Don’t try the false modesty act with us, Pamela.