5 former, current ASG officials endorse David and Jo for president, executive vice president

When we came to Northwestern, each of us was looking for something different. However, we all shared one thing in common — we wanted to find students who were active and engaged beyond their educational experiences. Despite our different majors and backgrounds, we believed, and still do, that we can learn as much from our peers as we can from any class.

We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with David for this very reason. We have learned as much from him as we have from any of our classes. He is innovative, goal-oriented, passionate and a clear communicator. He presents his perspective articulately and with force, but he is always flexible, open and willing to listen. Most importantly, his passion for his work and for this school inspires and galvanizes those with whom he works.

This is why we ask that when you vote in this upcoming election, you vote for David and Jo.

David and Jo bring fresh energy and inspiration to the typical ASG campaigns. We were immediately impressed by their ability to recruit more than 150 Northwestern students to their campaign team, most of whom had nothing to do with ASG. The strength and passion of these individuals came out when David set the goal of reaching 500 Facebook page likes in the first 24 hours of the campaign; his team did it in 12. People frequently complain that they don’t know what ASG does, but together, David and Jo have already inspired 150 people and convinced them of ASG’s promise and capability. This is particularly impressive considering that these are endorsements from all types of students, and not just the typical “student leaders” who have an obvious vested interest in ASG.

ASG is in need of this energy and inspiration, and that is why David and Jo are best suited for this position.

David has consistently been one of the most engaged members of the executive board. In the past few years, he has changed both ASG and Northwestern for the better through the creation of his many services such as JobCat, Cab Corner, and BookSwap, and the creation of Project Cookie through NSH. His platform demonstrates his deep understanding of our organization and what it will take to improve ASG. This commitment and understanding was exemplified by the legislation he presented to Senate last year; a requirement that holds senators and the executive board more accountable by mandating members of ASG to fulfill a Public Relations requirement.

Josephine couldn’t be a better match for David. She worked as the treasurer for ASG and began the current Operations Committee for one year, but brings incredible outside experience to the table as well. As the president of InNUvation and as a TA through the McCormick School of Engineering, Jo has gathered the skills to effectively mentor and work with the executive board and other hundred plus members of ASG, the primary task of the executive vice president. Finally, her experience as a consultant with Accenture only adds to her operational toolkit. Together with David, we know Jo will be a positive force in ASG.

As students who have worked on ASG’s executive board, there is no doubt in our minds that we will continue to see this passion and enthusiasm from David and Jo. We expected that somewhere in between all of their commitments something would fall through the cracks, but David and Jo have not let up. They embody so many of the things that make this school the amazing place it is, and their commitment to ASG and this university has manifested itself in their campaign and in their platform. We are so proud of both David and Jo and we fully support them. We are confident that, with your help, they will take Northwestern to the next level.

Go Cats,

Carly Blumenfeld, ASG Chief of Staff

Steven Monacelli, former ASG Community Relations Vice President

Neil Mehta, ASG Academic Vice President

Mark Silberg, ASG Associate Vice President for Sustainability

David Chi, ASG Treasurer