Dance Marathon 2013 co-chairs: David and Jo’s ‘culture of action’ makes them best candidates for ASG president, vice president

Matt Larsen and Katie Amys

At any given time on Sunday, you could bet that David Harris was in Norris. He started the day with a couple ASG meetings — Exec and then his committee. With only a quick Frontera break in between, David continued to work inside Norris, but this time wearing a different hat. It started with Dance Marathon office hours, then DM Exec, then the “30-hour meeting” in which we schedule each minute of DM. All in all it totaled to at least seven hours of meetings. And that’s just Sunday.

Back in April 2012, when we first chose David Harris for our executive board, we knew he’d bring a high level of passion, character and commitment to his position. We were impressed with the leadership David had already shown and the service he had already brought to the Northwestern community.

However, we did not foresee the level of success he was going to bring to Dance Marathon. Putting on the huge event that is Dance Marathon takes a lot of energy and a lot of prioritizing. It may seem impossible that David could have given his all to DM while being so involved with ASG. But because David believes so strongly in a culture of action, we had the most successful year of PR, the committee that David co-chaired, in the history of Dance Marathon.

Leading a committee of 40 students, David helped lead the expansion of DM’s official magazine from one to three issues, facilitated the most ever local media coverage for DM, revamped our social media presence, brought in unprecedented celebrity videos including one from the cast of Modern Family, and innovated new ways to reach students. The list could go on and on. And it usually does.

But David’s biggest strengths come not from his ability to produce high quality work within his student groups but rather to connect them. David proved this when he organized the ASG Food Truck Festival in coordination with DM’s Top Chef Event.

We know that David and Jo are the best candidates for this ASG election. We have seen how he can work as a co-chair. David and Katie Prentiss worked together efficiently and seamlessly, and we know David will transfer that same collaborative spirit to ASG. David and Jo have an electric energy that is in alignment with the energy of Dance Marathon, and we are proud to officially endorse them for ASG president and vice president.

Matt Larsen & Katie Amys

Dance Marathon 2013 executive co-chairs