CTA installs new digital screens on Evanston stations

Jia You, City Editor

The Chicago Transit Authority has installed new digital screens on Evanston’s Purple Line stations as part of a larger initiative to update train-tracking devices.

Work to install the new generation of digital screens was completed at Davis, Foster, Noyes and Central stations April 5, CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said. The new screens display countdown times to the next train, current time and weather without sound.

The CTA project, which started last fall, aims to place at least one screen at each of the 145 CTA stations by May 1, Hosinski said. 

“The goal is to equip each station so we have a consistent network of screens,” she said. “It’s more convenient for commuters.”

CTA currently has several different types of digital screens on its stations. The large Titan screen at Davis station, for example, displays advertisements with sounds in addition to train arrival times. The new generation of screens will not replace the other types, Hosinski said.

— Jia You