This week we’re obsessed with: Kevin Bacon


Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT

Kevin Bacon has made his return to TV, playing ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy on Fox’s “The Following.”

Blair Dunbar, Reporter

I have been obsessed with Kevin Bacon ever since I saw “Footloose.” Who wouldn’t fall in love with the doe-eyed new kid fighting against the oppressive anti-dance measures of the town’s local preacher?  I fell in love all over again with his long hair and goofy personality in “Tremors.” Not to mention the fact that he has one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood, adorable kids and a thriving philanthropy project based on the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

However, Bacon’s return to TV on Fox’s “The Following” has only given me new-found reason to love him. Bacon plays ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy, the only man to ever catch malicious serial killer Joe Carroll. When Carroll escapes and the FBI discovers he has a whole cult following of serial killers, Hardy is brought back by the FBI, even though he had a relationship with Carroll’s ex-wife.

Bacon made himself a name in Hollywood by taking roles primarily in comedic, lighthearted films such as”Footloose,” “Animal House,” “Tremors” and “Diner.” However, over the years he has taken on more serious roles. He played a pedophile on parole in “The Woodsman” and the lead in HBO’s “Taking Chance,” about a Desert Storm veteran. His role in “The Following” has allowed him to continue exercising his more serious side.

I enjoy “The Following.” It’s fast-paced and action-packed. However, the plot twists tend to range from ridiculous to more ridiculous, and the FBI continues to become more stupid every week. That being said, I always enjoy watching Bacon. Hardy is, simply put, a screwed-up character. He feels as though he has a death curse and refuses to let anyone come close to him. As hard as he tries, he can’t escape from his past as Carroll continues to pull him deeper and deeper into his elaborate killing spree. Watching Hardy fight back and engage in clever banter with Carroll makes for compelling television. It also doesn’t hurt that Bacon has a pretty face.

A few years ago, I was listening to NPR and Bacon came on. They asked him if he liked being famous. While most celebrities would complain about the lack of privacy or bombardment by the paparazzi, he freely admitted he likes being a star. He tried going out in a disguise one day, but he hated waiting in line and people being rude to him. He said he would never give up his fame. I think that’s what I love most about Kevin. He’s just an honest, cool guy.