Clubs on Clubs: Old and young dancers alike reflect as DM comes to a close


Meghan Morris/Daily Senior Staffer

Left to right: McCormick sophomore Isabelle Orrico, Weinberg sophomore Kingsley Leung, McCormick junior Holden Faber and McCormick senior Stephanie Hemmelgarn, four members of the Slivka team in DM’s four hour clubs.

Sean Lavery and Paulina Firozi

Even as the more than 1,000 dancers embarked on their 25th hour of dancing, they still found their ways to shine in the “Where’s My Spotlight”-themed Block 9. The Daily caught up with dancers from each hour club to talk to them about their Dance Marathon experience — whether it was their first time in the NUDM tent, or whether they would walk into it at 10 p.m. for Block 10 for the last time.

30 hour club:

Veronica Salkin, Communication sophomore

“I wanted to do it last year but I had a show … Its a great way to be connected to the NU community … I don’t actually feel tired at all which is good, I’ll definitely do it again.”

Nicole Schindler,  Weinberg senior: “I didn’t have expectations for DM, but it’s been fun so far.”

60 hour club:

Neeraj Chandra, McCormick junior: “The difference lies in the specifics (of each year). All these things help make it a unique experience … I’m feeling better this time around than last year because I know what to expect.”

90 hour club:

Michelle Kim, Weinberg senior: “Sophomore year I was on food committee and I really wanted to do it last year …  I thought ‘Oh my god this is the worst thing ever, why would anyone want to do this?’ but the last three blocks made up for everything … I wanted to do it again. There are people I would never run into if I didn’t do DM. ”

120 hour club:

Annie Weiss, Weinberg senior: “I’ve known I was going to do this before I even came here … The friendships that I’ve had got stronger because of it .. I love it. If it’s not your thing, obviously don’t do it, but I’ve loved it every year … I’m surprised I haven’t been more emotional. I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible.”

Maria Zdunek, Weinberg senior: “It’s exciting and unbelievable to have danced for almost 120 hours. We’re graduating soon, and this is almost the end.”