Jamming with the 120 hour club

Celia Skaggs, Blogger

As most of you know, this weekend marks Northwestern’s 39th annual Dance Marathon. Whether you are a dancer, committee member or tent visitor, DM is certainly one of the most exciting weekends on campus. I’m particularly excited about DM this year because it marks my entrance into the 120 hour club. In my four years as a dancer, I’ve belted along to Queen, jumped on stage to the Backstreet Boys and performed a very intense rendition of “Like a Prayer” on the dance floor.

This week, I wanted to commemorate my time as a dancer by compiling a playlist of great pump-up songs from those who know DM best. So I asked my fellow 120 hour club members to submit their favorite jams to create the ultimate DM 2013 playlist. So put on your dancing shoes, bust out your best costumes and get your groove on to the playlist below to prepare for the best Dance Marathon yet.

<a href="http://open.spotify.com/user/skaggsc/playlist/7rPqbcH4vZBBqJSiJqGPQv">Wildcat Tracks 120 Hour Club Playlist</a>