The Rundown: Week of March 4

Annie Bruce, Writer

  • It wasn’t a good weekend for Justin Bieber. The singer tried to celebrate his 19th birthday Friday, but apparently things didn’t go well. Bieber later tweeted that it was the “worst birthday.” It’s true 19th birthdays are notoriously lame; you’re still a teenager, and there are no additional perks. I’m sure Bieber is still waiting until he’s 21 to try his first taste of alcohol — unless he heads back to his native Canada, where all provinces let you drink by 19.
  • MTV announced the nominees for their annual movie awards, some of the most prized trophies in Hollywood. Unfortunately “Twilight,” an MTV fan favorite, was nominated in only one category. Of course the category is Best Shirtless Performance, an award show standard. Sorry, “Twilight” — your time in the spotlight is gone. Things are bad when you can’t even get your main fan base to support you anymore.
  • Kate Middleton almost spilled a royal secret. At the National Fishing Heritage Centre in England, Middleton presumably started to say the word “daughter” as she thanked someone for giving her a teddy bear. There has been no official announcement yet, but if it’s true, it’s safe to say the young royal will be the world’s best-dressed baby girl.
  • Rumors circulated that Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried were fighting after they almost wore similar dresses to the Oscars last week. Reports say Hathaway threw a fit after finding out Seyfried’s dress was similar to Hathaway’s Valentino. As a result, Hathaway switched dresses at the last minute. To combat these reports, Seyfried tweeted her true feelings about Hathaway: “Fact: I love you, Anne.” Because Twitter is definitely the most sincere way to address rumors.
  • Heidi Klum is officially joining the judge’s panel of “America’s Got Talent.” The show’s panel has shifted over the past few years, and now Klum will join Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. With so many reality shows starting with the same word, it’s no wonder that Klum got confused. I think she meant to join the judge’s panel on “America’s Next Top Model” instead.
  • In an interview with GQ magazine, actor Bradley Cooper said he doesn’t want to win an Oscar (the interview probably took place prior to the ceremony). Well, his dream came true: Cooper lost the Best Actor award to Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s always a good idea to downplay yourself before an important awards show, because no actor actually wants to win on the big day, right?