Five words for copious amounts of snow

Five words for copious amounts of snow

Paulina Firozi/Daily Senior Staffer

Alex Burnham, Writer

Due to the severity of winter weather in the Chicago area, roughly 1,000 airline flights have been canceled. As inclement conditions worsen, students fight for warmth and footing on icy sidewalks. The Current and Daily staffers, along with some Northwestern students, commented on this issue:

“March is the new January.” — Stephanie Haines  

“I’m about ready for spring.” — Andrew Beir 

“Had to wear my boots.” — Seb Peinado

“My car might be towed.” — Logan Vaughan

“Take me to Costa Rica.” — Avy Faingezicht 

“I don’t like this snow.” — Niko Soforo 

“Run for the hills, now!” — Alec Straughan 

“Should have stayed in California.” — Daniel Felix 

“Global warming is a lie.” — Brendan O’Connell 

Most snow here since Snowpocalypse.” — Matt Kendall