The Oscars 2013: Taking the easy way out

Elizabeth Freda, Writer

The 2013 Oscars was a mash-up of mediocre hosting, stunning dresses, dapper suits and overly lengthy acceptance speeches. For the most part, people left with awards that were well deserved. However, a few movies definitely got snubbed, some won a little more than necessary and the Academy seemed to make the expected choices.

My James Bond obsession wasn’t matched by the Academy this year. “Skyfall” received five nominations, none of which addressed Daniel Craig’s impeccable ability to embody everything Bond is. From the way he sips his martini, to his running stride, to his confidence bordering on arrogance, Craig has gotten the Bond mannerisms down pat. He deserved at least an Oscar nod for his efforts, and I was disappointed to see “Skyfall” nominated in so few key categories.

I appreciate “Amour” winning the Foreign Language Film category, but I also think it deserved a little more credit. With subtitles necessary throughout the whole movie, viewers aren’t always paying attention to the emotions being portrayed on screen. It takes a lot to create the kind of feeling “Amour” conjured up, and I find it unacceptable that it didn’t win more awards. The story spoke for itself and the stars of the film created beautifully wounded characters.

I also find Anne Hathaway’s win slightly unsettling. I don’t think her role in “Les Miserables” developed her as an actress or furthered the character of Fantine at all. Her role was bland and her singing only slightly above average. Sally Field in “Lincoln” deserved a win, in my opinion. Her character shaped the role of President Abraham Lincoln and helped generate the success of the movie. She portrayed a complex, misunderstood and strong woman behind the president and deserved a win.

“Mondays at Racine” was another title I would’ve liked to see take home an Academy Award. Cynthia Wade, who already has an Oscar under her belt, directed this documentary short that chronicled the lives of women with cancer losing their hair. The film was well-made and I would have liked to see a win for a documentary that focused completely on women. Maybe it would have lessened the misogynistic feeling that encompassed this year’s Oscars.

Overall, I think the 85th Academy Awards paid tribute to people and movies that were worthy of recognition. Daniel Day-Lewis played a riveting Lincoln and deserved the win for Best Actor in a Leading Role. “Brave” was the clear winner in the Animated Feature Film category and was recognized as such. “Argo,” winner of Best Picture, was adored by audience members and the Academy alike. But in other ways, this year’s Oscars also  seemed to make the easy choices, some of which were justified but some of which overlooked movies and people with greater merit.