Five words for the Academy Awards

Alex Burnham, Writer

Actors and actresses donned their regalia and formal attire Sunday as they attended the 85th Academy Awards, hosted by Seth MacFarlane. The Current staffers, along with some Northwestern students, commented on the awards:

“Seth MacFarlane bingo. Absolutely hilarious.” — Tanner Maxwell

“They tend to be incorrect.” — Paul Austin

“Didn’t watch. Looked up results.” — Joseph Chiang

“Jennifer Lawrence is my hero.” — Brooke Wanser

“Didn’t watch. Drowning in homework.” — Jenna Stoehr 

“Jennifer Lawrence stole the show.” — Brad McCandless 

“Ang Lee is a homie.” — Blake Fromkin 

“Seth MacFarlane was super awkward.” — Arshia Sethi

“I thought it was expected.” — Arielle Miller 

“Great host. Even better movies.” — Aaron Goldblum