Blotter: Feb. 25

Tanner Maxwell, Design Editor

Three appearances of graffiti may be related

Gang graffiti appeared on three Evanston residences Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, Evanston Police spokesman Perry Polinski said.

Someone left gang graffiti on the garage of a residence in the 1000 block of Florence Avenue. Others left them on the yards of two homes in the 2000 block of Lee Street. and the 900 block of Brown Avenue.

Polinski said all the graffiti appeared to be gang related, and two of the three definitely appear to be linked based on their appearance.

Burglar attempts to break into two homes on Clyde Avenue

Someone tried to break into two apartments at 120 Clyde Ave. on Thursday, Polinski said.

The two burglary attempts are related because there were similar entry methods and the attempts were reported at roughly the same time, Polinski said. In both attempts, police discovered pry marks on the front doors of each residence.

It is unknown what was used to pry open the doors, Polinski said.

— Tanner Maxwell

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