Five Words for the European meat failure

Five Words for the European meat failure

Alex Burnham, Writer

Nestle, owner of pasta company Buitoni, has removed beef pasta meals from its sales in Italy and Spain after DNA tests found traces of horse meat in the food. German and French companies have also been connected to this scandal spreading across Europe. The Current and Daily staffers, along with some Northwestern students, commented on the issue:

“At least it’s real meat.” — Chelsea Sherlock

“Frogs, snails, but not horses?” — Katherine Stein

“Not surprising, but scary nonetheless.” — Adam Mintzer

“What’s the problem? High protein!” — Michael Diamond

“That’s some nasty ass meat.” — Bryan Fiori

“That’s terrible. Hope everyone’s safe.” — Kenny Mok

“Whoa, that’s pretty damn unsettling.” — Dylan Hirshkowitz

“It’s cool. I’m a vegetarian.” — Jesse Gainsburg

“Makes a good Philly cheesesteak.” — Brian Yost