The Rundown: Week of Feb. 11

Annie Bruce, Writer

  • “The Walking Dead” returned for the second half of its third season to 12.3 million viewers, the highest the series has ever seen. The AMC hit drama tells the story of a group trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. After the Dec. 21, 2012 apocalypse didn’t pan out, viewers might be tuning in to see the latest end-of-the-world scenario. If anything does happen, I’ll be sticking with Rick.
  • Before Anne Hathaway starved herself and then made everyone cry as Fantine in “Les Miserables,” Scarlett Johansson auditioned for the role. Johansson blames her bad audition on a case of laryngitis but claims she still “sang her little heart out.” Johansson previously released albums in both 2008 and 2009, but they failed to make an impression on the music industry. I don’t think it was just the laryngitis that lost her the role.
  • Steve Martin is now a father. He and his wife reportedly had their baby, the first child for the couple, in December. Given how intense the paparazzi’s search for baby bumps is, it’s a miracle the news is just coming out now.
  • Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian TV personality, tried to pull a Kanye at the Grammys. As Adele was walking on stage to accept her award for Best Solo Pop performance, Sediuk tried to walk onstage and grab the award as well. Jennifer Lopez, one of the presenters for the category, quickly waved him offstage. Or maybe he just got distracted by Lopez’s dress, which was similar to Angelina Jolie’s meme-inspiring, slit-up-to-there frock from last year’s Oscars.
  • Actor Charlie Sheen is helping out Lindsay Lohan. Sheen reportedly called stylist Phillip Bloch and asked if he could help Lohan get ready for the amfAR gala in New York. Sheen also offered to pay for part of the dress she would wear. The possible friendship between Lohan and Sheen shouldn’t come as quite a surprise given their similar struggles in show business. At least the random act gave Lindsay the chance to wear a gown she didn’t have to steal. Winning!
  • Lady Gaga has to take off the sky-high heels and relax. The star tweeted that she can’t walk due to synovitis, inflammation of the joints, and needs to postpone several upcoming concerts. You can only do so much walking around in shoes to match your meat dress before it starts to cause health problems.