Signing Day 2013: Matt Alviti

NU Sports/Northwestern Football

John Paschall, Reporter

Matt Alviti (6-0, 192) QB

He is the prize of NU’s 2013 recruiting class and will be the future of the program. He reminds me a lot of a poor man’s blend of Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian, which should get Cats’ fans excited. He is incredibly elusive when running out of the pocket and doesn’t shy away from contact either. Alviti makes great cuts in the open field and is difficult to bring down with his speed and quickness. In addition to his running ability, he is a very efficient passer as seen by his performance in the Semper Fidelis game. He has a good amount of zip on his ball on out routes and shows solid accuracy. He ran a similar type of spread offense at his school, which should help his transition. My only concern with Alviti would be his size and the amount of hits he takes. Not being afraid of contact can result in some punishing hits from Big Ten defenders so he’s going to have to be smart about that when scrambling. He’s also only six feet tall, which could potentially turn out to be a non-factor (Colter is only six feet as well). Look for him to possibly redshirt his freshman year.