This week we’re obsessed with: ‘The Most Popular Girls in School’

Tanner Maxwell, Design Editor

Have you ever wondered what “Degrassi” would be like if all the actors were Barbie dolls? Neither have I, but I feel the metaphor is appropriate.

Anyway, the YouTube mini-series “The Most Popular Girls in School” makes you feel the same roller coaster of emotion while watching high school melodrama, except this time there are way more swear words. And poop jokes.

Unlike Barbie, these dolls won’t make you believe you can be an astronaut, a businesswoman or president. Rather, the cast of TMPGIS will remind you of “Jersey Shore” because of the number of times blowjobs are mentioned and because both make you feel better about yourself.

Although the series premiered last year, GIFs and fan art of this hidden gem are making the rounds on microblogging site Tumblr, so now is a pretty good time to get on board this bandwagon.

The plot takes the oh-so-important lives of the high school rich and famous and makes it as crude as you can imagine. Through the eyes of Deandra, a new student at Blue Valley High, the story unfolds into a war between the cheer squad and a family of preppy socialites.

However, what makes this series special isn’t the ridiculously frivolous plot. TMPGIS includes a host of hilarious side characters you’ll learn to love. For example, the rivalry between Brittnay Matthews and French foreign exchange student Saison Margeurite will keep you wanting more. Between Brittnay’s verbal abuse and Saison Margeurite’s constant make-out sessions with Brittnay’s ex, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this fictional catfight.

I find myself watching this series over and over again. I definitely never had the same high school experience as Deandra (especially considering I never had my arms ripped off), so getting caught up in the drama lets me relive high school, but this time as a member of the cheer squad — and I’m sure we’ve all had that fantasy before.

Be prepared for a lot of poop. I’m serious. Deandra links everyone in this story together with her girls’ bathroom privileges, giving her the power to use her bowel movements for sweet, sweet revenge. I find the laxative sabotages and crude mention of defecation to be hilarious with the right timing. Some might find it to be (pun totally intended) s—-y humor, but they can deal with it.

The dialogue proves to be incredibly quotable, becoming well-integrated within Tumblr’s lexicon. Soon enough you’ll be asking who said your handjobs were second rate and if it would be gay to take a shower with the football team. The Van Buren family’s signature way of saying “hi” and “bye” has forever changed the way I speak for better or for worse, but I think this is a good thing.

The total run time is only about an hour, and those who can’t get enough of the series can watch bonus footage. Season two drops later this year, so I suggest you check this series out in time to be caught up. That is, unless you want to be like f–king Rachel Tice who ate a roly-poly in the goddamn third grade.