Five cringe-worthy “Bachelor” cliches

Allison Lasher, Blogger

Now that 27 combined seasons of “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” have come and gone, season 17 of “The Bachelor” really has its work cut out for it. In the combined seasons, we’ve nearly seen it all, from the crazy to the romantic and everything in between. In the three episodes so far, the women vying for Sean Lowe’s heart have already participated in their fair share of classic “Bachelor” moments.

The “I’m just not that into him:” Katie Levans

The yoga teacher and poodle lookalike decided on episode two she wasn’t cut out for “The Bachelor” setup. It never ceases to amaze me that after so many seasons of “The Bachelor,” it takes someone actually coming on the show to realize there will be competition, cattiness and man-sharing. At the end of the day, whether they want to admit it on TV or not, if you’re quitting “The Bachelor,” you’re probably just not that into him.

Previous Offenders: Brittney Schreiner, “The Bachelor” season 16

The “I didn’t know I’d have to work for it:” Taryn Renee Daniels

In the first episode, Taryn struggles to gain the nerve to steal Sean away and grab some one-on-one time. Every year, there’s a girl who doesn’t understand the ratio of one man to 26 women will not lead to the man pursuing her. Taryn’s mystified she has yet to get alone time, clinging to the belief that despite being in a sea of beautiful women, Sean must be into her. She said, “I can’t say he hasn’t noticed me; it would be impossible if he hasn’t,” proving that not even “The Bachelor” can squash some women’s egos.

Previous Offenders: I never remember these women. They are usually the most boring of all the cliches, and yet it happens almost every season.

The Memorable Entrance: Robyn Howard

This particular woman served up a memorable entrance on episode one but with a twist — literally. The oilfield account manager tumbled out of the limo with some impressive back handsprings until things took a turn for the worst. Robyn collapsed mid-backbend and tumbled onto the ground. This moment was hilariously uncomfortable on its own, but the elegant backdrop made the scene all the more comical. This was certainly an entrance I won’t soon forget.

Previous Offenders: Lindzi Cox, “The Bachelor” season 16

The Drunk One: Ashley Palenkas

Poor Ashley. The cosmetologist is certainly not the first Bachelor franchise contestant to knock back one too many glasses of wine. However, I think she might be the first drunk one to the get the boot due to her sober behavior. Ashley confronted Sean right away with her obsession with “50 Shades of Grey.” Sean, who is very religious, handled this with uneasiness, but he was not the only one made uncomfortable. In her opening clip, she’s shown reading, giggling and audibly enjoying the sexual novel. It only got worse from there. Her drunk booty shaking during the cocktail party might have been distracting, but ultimately her overtly intimidating sexual obsession must have kept her from the rose.

Previous Offenders: Tim McCormack, “The Bachelorette” season seven (Tim’s drinking on “The Bachelorette” is the most memorable example of a first night epic drunk fail.)

The Returnee: Kacie Boguskie

Kacie B.’s arrival at the mansion was shocking, not only to myself, but to Sean. It was awkward to hear her confess her crush on him numerous times while he openly admitted to never seeing her that way. Once the awkward wave subsided, Sean expressed interest in seeing where their relationship could go, and Kacie celebrated being lifted from the friend zone. Despite this moment, I can’t ignore Sean’s underwhelmed reaction upon her arrival. Prediction: By the end of this season, the only thing Sean will have offered her is a one-way ticket back to the friend zone.

Previous Offenders: Shawntel Newton, “The Bachelor” seasons 15 and 16