Committee considers replacement for Green Bay mural

Ciara McCarthy, Reporter

After a beloved mural on a Metra retention wall on Green Bay Road was unexpectedly removed in November, the Evanston Public Art Committee has begun considering options to replace the mural.

Jeff Cory, the city’s cultural arts council director, said the committee briefly discussed the topic at its most recent meeting Jan. 8. The original mural, “A Loose History of Evanston,” was painted by Theodore Boggs in 2002 as his senior studies project at Evanston Township High School. The mural depicted scenes and famous figures from Evanston history. A landlord of the building at 1901 Green Bay Road accidentally painted over the mural because he mistook the artistic graffiti for illegal graffiti.

Cory said plans for a new mural are developing, although no decisions have been made. The committee would like Boggs to create another mural to replace his previous one, and Boggs has expressed interested in doing so. However, he has not yet presented the committee with formal plans. Cory added that Boggs might collaborate with a team of artists to do multiple projects throughout Evanston.

The committee will return to review plans for the mural during its meeting in February.

— Ciara McCarthy