Five words for ‘Les Mis’

Alex Burnham, Writer

Critically acclaimed “Les Miserables” won the award for best musical or comedy at the Golden Globes on Jan. 13. The film, an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s book, covers the French Revolution in the 19th century. Actors in the film included Russell Crowe , Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. The Current and Daily staffers and Northwestern students respond to the movie’s notoriety:

“Hugh Jackman, please don’t sing.” – Jillian Sandler 

“Their award should’ve been bread.” – Sydney Zink 

“Russell Crowe. I just…no.” – Katy Vogt 

“Let me have Hugh Jackman.” – Alyssa Mercado 

“Wait, Russell Crowe can sing?” – Stephanie Haines 

“Hooper’s direction was the comedy.” – Sam Freedman

“Went with my Chinese food.” – Joshua Walfish

“Please start eating, Anne Hathaway.” – Ally Mutnick