Northwestern professor talks online dating on NPR

Ally Mutnick, Assistant Campus Editor

A Northwestern professor of social psychology weighed in during an online dating debate on a National Public Radio show Wednesday.

Eli Finkel, co-author of the article titled “Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science,” said he did not believe the rise of online dating would undermine strong, stable relationships.

“It’s not like there you are and you’re in an eight-year marriage and you’re happy with your husband and then all of a sudden a new guy enters the bedroom and now you have to choose,” Finkel said on the show.

Finkel was a guest on the NPR show “On Point with Tom Ashbrook,” where he discussed “Monogamy and Online Dating,” the show’s topic of the day.

On Point is a two-hour call-in radio show produced by the WBUR, a station in Boston syndicated by NPR. The CEO of a consulting group for online dating websites and a writer for online magazine Slate joined Finkel on the show.

On the show, Finkel did concede that the rise of online dating and the existence of many romantic alternatives could lead to more breakups or divorce. Yet he maintains that if someone is happy in a committed relationship, they will most likely not look online to begin with.

“It’s not like you are powerless about whether you go on,” he said on the show.

— Ally Mutnick