Schapiro pledges ‘close look’ at mental health services after Weaver suicide

Paulina Firozi, Campus Editor

University President Morton Schapiro promised this evening that Northwestern would take the necessary steps to ensure mental health services on campus are adequate in the wake of Weinberg junior Alyssa Weaver’s suicide.

“Trust me, we will take a close look at what resources we have available and what resources we might need,” Schapiro told The Daily. “We’re always looking at that, anyway, but we should be taking a look at it now.”

Weaver took her own life while studying abroad in London last week. The 20-year-old’s mother said Monday that her daughter was in a “dark place” before her death and urged other students dealing with mental health issues to talk about their problems.

Schapiro said Weaver’s death, the second within the NU community in one quarter, gives the school an opportunity to reflect and “to be a better institution and learn to be better people as individuals.”

“I would think that we should all try to learn form it,” he said. “To learn personally and for me professionally what we can do to keep our students safe.”

— Paulina Firozi