Organic Chemistry: Wilson and Sarah

Chelsea Sherlock, Columnist

For this week’s blind date, Wilson Smith went to lunch at Clarke’s. Smith, a Bienen and Weinberg freshman, and Sarah Mowaswes, a Communication freshman, were paired up based on their shared desire for a laid-back date. After a little initial awkwardness, the mood improved when they discovered some things they had in common. Find out more about their connection in their responses to The Current’s post-date questionnaire:

Wilson: I thought the date was solid. It maybe got off to a slow start, but I think it got better quickly, though it wasn’t without silences, if that’s important to know. All in all, I think we did pretty well.
Sarah: Overall, the date went well and I had no complaints afterward. The conversation began slightly awkward, but once (we got) over the initial hurdle of not knowing one another, it got better.

Wilson: Let’s see, we talked about a range of things, but when I list them here it probably won’t look like much. We talked about school and what we’re doing here, home, pets, traveling, Hurricane Sandy, orchestra, going on a blind date and plenty of other stuff.
Sarah: On the date, we talked about pretty basic things — where you’re from, what your major is, etc. – until we found some commonality in the pets we owned and growing up on the East Coast. We also discussed the various places we would enjoy traveling to.

Wilson: I thought Sarah was really cool, but it’s not as though I can say I know what she’s like after spending 50 minutes with her. She’s into screenwriting and film, though. Apparently she just finished a short film of her own, which I think is pretty awesome. Aside from that, I learned plenty about her and some of her interests and whatnot.
Sarah: The person I was set up with, Wilson, was an extremely kind, interesting music composition major at Northwestern. Throughout the date, I learned that he had traveled to various countries, including Finland and Zambia. Also, Wilson expressed his love of art and even owned a wallet composed of sheet music.

Wilson: Well, now that I think about it, we didn’t really talk about our interests – you know, like music and movies and all that – but I think we’re both creative people. I don’t think that’s an impression I’ve ever gotten from someone, but I think that’s a good similarity to have. Objectively speaking, we both have cats, we live on the East Coast, we’ve played in orchestras … We both did at one point say that we don’t like talking about ourselves, so you might want to keep that in mind when you’re reading these responses.
Sarah: After talking to Wilson, I learned that we both enjoyed traveling and both owned cats that we wished we could visit more often. We both also played in the orchestra throughout a good portion of our lives. Although we did have a few things in common, Wilson tended to be more reserved than I am typically accustomed to.

Wilson: She’s someone I’d definitely like to get to know better.
All in all, I could see myself talking to Wilson again, but not pursuing any further dates. I wouldn’t be opposed to another blind date, but I would filter the person through a mutual friend first.

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