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Organic Chemistry: Marshall and Natalie

Chelsea Sherlock, Columnist

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In a twist of fate, this week’s date participants, Weinberg freshmen Marshall Krassenstein and Natalie Stern, turned out to be not so blind. The duo discovered they already knew each other when they showed up to Clarke’s for their lunch date. Their experience demonstrates that someone previously relegated to the friend zone may be a great date.

Marshall Krassenstein: We went to Clarke’s and then to Hillel. We both ate pancakes and have a passion for delicious seasonal challah.

Marshall: I really enjoyed the blind date. When I met Natalie there was surprisingly never an awkward moment, which is important for me. My only issue with it is that I left my backpack at the restaurant and had to get it later.

Natalie Stern: It ended up being with one of my close friends, so it wasn’t really a blind date. It was a weird coincidence, but I guess it means that (The Current) accurately matched us up!

Marshall: Maybe because we were both on a blind date, we talked a lot about this experiment and other potential experiments we might be part of.  We also talked about life and our views on morality. Deviating from intelligent conversation, we then spoke of our favorite foods.

Natalie: We talked about absolutism, life and challah! Our conversation flowed nicely, but we already knew each other, so it wasn’t a blind date after all.

Marshall: She was very similar to me and it seemed almost as if we had already known each other because we were so similar. She’s from Maine and is an only child who opted out of premed. She always dresses comfortably for the weather, which I can respect because it’s cold here. Both of us are Jewish and have a twisted sense of humor. On the other hand, she was under 5 feet tall and I am 6-foot 1-inch.

Natalie: He was very nice, funny and sweet. We were very similar. We easily talked to each other and had many of the same interests. You must have matched us up well considering we have a lot in common already.

After the date, both said they would go on other blind dates and that they would be interested in going out with the other again.

If you would like to participate in Organic Chemistry, the Current’s blind dating experiment, please email [email protected] to receive an application.