Dance Marathon selects 2013 emcees

Paulina Firozi, Campus Editor

Dance Marathon has picked Weinberg juniors Demetri Elias and Chloe Woodhouse as its 2013 emcees, the student organization announced tonight.

The self-titled “Team Chlemitri” will be responsible for keeping Northwestern students energized as they dance for 30 hours over the weekend of March 8, 2013. Leading up to the event, Elias and Woodhouse will help raise money and awareness for The Danny Did Foundation, which benefits epilepsy education and outreach.

Elias, who served on a DM committee last school year, said he has wanted to be an emcee since his freshman year at NU.

“I really loved interacting with the dancers,” he said. “And to be involved on such a bigger scale, to pump people up and be there to dance with all the people from the stage.”

He said he saw previous emcees as role models and wanted to make a similar difference in the DM experience.

Woodhouse said she and Elias are both “very passionate” about DM and have been involved ever year.

“My favorite part is the reveal at the end, everyone is tired and sweaty and everyone is just dying to know,” she said, referring to the final fundraising unveiling at the end of the 30-hour event. “It’s what you’ve been going through the whole time, emcees last year said they just burst into tears. It’s a really beautiful thing for anyone but for people very involved…it’s that much more meaningful.”

More than 1,400 students signed up for DM this school year, according to organizers.

— Paulina Firozi