The Rundown: Week of Oct. 28

Haley Boston, Columnist

This week in the lives of the rich and famous…

Superstorm Sandy floods the homes of civilians, destroys vehicles, wreaks havoc on power lines and has an evil agenda to ruin the box office successes of movies like “Cloud Atlas” and “Argo.” Apparently Sandy prefers realism to fabricated entertainment, as she’s currently delaying film sets and Broadway productions as well.

Justin Bieber is rapidly exercising his adulthood right to permanently ink his skin without parental consent. The singer added a new poorly drawn tat to flaunt along with his current collection of cliched tattoos. This one resembles a cartoonish owl — the kind you may find on a women’s wannabe vintage Urban Outfitters sweater — and resides on either his calf or bicep, though it’s hard to tell in close-ups due to lack of muscular definition.

Unfortunately, “The Farm,” a TV series that focuses on Dwight Schrute of “The Office” and his strange adventures, has crashed before it even got the chance to take off, or spin-off. Although the pilot is slated to air as a TV movie, Dwight and his co-workers will soon reside amongst piles of unwatched re-runs as “The Office” enters its final season.

Green Day, the popular punk band that dominated the radio some seven years ago, attempted to compensate for a major drop in popularity by announcing plans to put out three albums in succession. The band’s tours are being canceled and postponed in a similarly rapid succession. Looks like Green Day hasn’t yet woken up from its idyllic dream of infinite fame — and, we hate to break it to them, but September has already ended.

Two television shows in high demand will return in 2013. The critically acclaimed NBC sitcom “Community” is set to air again Feb. 13. The fourth season of the even more unique and subtly hilarious “Arrested Development” will air as a Netflix-exclusive in April.

The Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday that it now owns Lucasfilm and will be pumping out at least three more blockbusters in the “Star Wars” franchise. Rest easy, you vicious Warsies: George Lucas will act as creative consultant on the new films. You didn’t think an artist could give up his extremely intricate fantasy world so easily, did you?