Northwestern adds Western Michigan to 2013 football schedule after Vanderbilt backs out

Rohan Nadkarni, Assistant Sports Editor

Western Michigan will replace Vanderbilt on the Wildcats’ football schedule next year, Northwestern announced this morning.

The Broncos will visit Evanston on Sept. 14, 2013.

Vanderbilt reportedly canceled its 2013 and 2014 match-ups with the Cats earlier this week, fueling speculation that the Commodores wanted to play one less BCS opponent in those two seasons.

Vanderbilt lost to NU 23-13 in Evanston earlier this season. In 2010, the Cats beat the Commodores 23-21 on the road in Nashville, Tenn.

The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that Vanderbilt notified NU about the cancellation via mail on Thursday. NU athletic director Jim Phillips coordinated the quick replacement.

The Broncos are 3-4 this season and hail from the Mid-Atlantic Conference. They played two Big Ten teams so far this year, losing to both Minnesota and Illinois.

The rescheduling gives NU seven home games next year. The Cats still have to fill the same hole in their 2014 schedule.

Rohan Nadkarni