Pump up your pregame

Celia Skaggs, Blogger

After a long week of classes, I’m always ready to go out for a night on the town with my friends. But over the years, I’ve learned the recipe for any great night out starts with a crucial first step: the pregame playlist. I’ve always been a huge fan of making playlists to celebrate different occasions (especially super important ones like Beyonce’s birthday and the Olympics), but pregame playlists hold a special place in my heart. I think a perfect pregame playlist has the potential to transform a good night into an awesome night, so I’ve got a few key ingredients that I use to make a playlist ready for party time.

First, I throw in some new popular singles that are burning up the charts but aren’t quite overplayed on the radio yet. Next, I make sure to add a couple jams from my childhood so everyone gets a nice welcome dose of ’90s nostalgia. And finally, I include some of my favorite mash-ups and remixes to get people up and dancing before we even head out the door. Following these guidelines, I’ve created a pregame playlist for Wildcat Tracks that I think sets the tone for any ballin’ night out.