Chet Haze to perform during Wildcat Welcome Week

Patrick Svitek, Online Managing Editor

Rapper Chet Haze will perform next week at Deering Meadow as part of a Wildcat Welcome event that he is billing as his first on-campus show.

The pop artist, Communication senior Chet Hanks, will present a 25-minute set for more than 2,000 incoming freshmen at the Deering Days Welcome Barbecue on Sept. 26, he announced in a Facebook post Tuesday. Haze’s manager, Briggs Goldberg, confirmed shortly thereafter.

“You can just expect to have a good time,” Haze told The Daily on Tuesday afternoon. “I’m going to come out there and I’m just really trying to welcome all the freshmen so they can get started on the right foot.”

In a tweet last month, Goldberg called the Wildcat Welcome show Haze’s “1st official @NorthwesternU” gig. Goldberg said Tuesday that although Haze performed at the 2011 Waa-Mu fashion show in Cahn Auditorium, he was not officially releasing music at that point.

Haze said he hopes that the Wildcat Welcome show will be the first of several more on-campus performances. He added that one his top goals for the school year is landing a Dillo Day slot in the spring.

Haze said he will debut a new song for incoming freshmen when he takes the stage next week.

But will he bring back “White and Purple,” the NU-themed remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” that went viral last year?

“You never know, man,” Haze said. “It could happen.”