Evanston eateries: Where to eat off campus

Audrey Cheng, Reporter

As a college student with a dining plan, you’ll be surprised how much you find yourself eating out. While some claim they eat out because they get tired of the food served in dining halls, I suspect the habit of eating out so much might be because of the close proximity of downtown Evanston and its restaurants to campus. But no matter how often you decide to eat out, here are some recommended options for the tastiest places in Evanston.

Buffalo Wild Wings
1741 Maple Avenue
Looking for a casual place to hang out? “B-Dubs” is the place to go. While many NU students go for their multitude of wings and other foods, many also go for the restaurant’s ambiance. With walls covered with TV’s broadcasting sports games at all hours, you won’t find yourself going wrong whenever you come in with friends.  You’ll find it especially packed during the peak of college sport seasons—such as the bowl game or NCAA finals.

720 Clark St.
Clarke’s is one of the few places in downtown Evanston opened past midnight. Though the service is somewhat slow, you’ll find many students come here after late night outs or to get breakfast with their friends on weekends. Personally, I recommend the sweet potato fries and the classic French toast, but I’ve heard from numerous students and professors that anything on their menu is delicious.

Giordano’s/Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
1527 Chicago Ave. (Giordano’s)
1850 Sherman Ave. (Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria)
Are you from out of the Chicagoland area? If you love pizza—especially deep dish—you’re in for a treat. NU students are fortunate enough to have two of the largest Chicago-style pizza chains in Evanston’s downtown area.  Though the pizzas may be a little more pricey than regular Domino’s or Papa John’s pizzas, they’re worth the try.

Tapas Barcelona
1615 Chicago Ave
As per the name, Tapas Barcelona offers a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine. Though you might not think they’re filling, your appetite will be sufficed after you order many of these “finger foods” to share. From the baked stuff eggplant to the spicy chicken wings to the fettuccine with grilled chicken, the amount of variety on their menu will never let you down.