Weinberg sophomore raising money for future students

Stephanie Yang, Reporter

Several Northwestern students are starting a new non-profit organization 3 for 3 in 3, created to provide three scholarships of at least $3,000 to one NU student in the class of each 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Founded on July 13, 3 for 3 in 3 is currently a government recognized corporation and working toward becoming a non-profit organization. Weinberg sophomore and founder Chandler Dutton said over the next three years he will raise a total of at least $9,000 to help incoming freshman with NU’s financial expenses.

Dutton said he will take a “two-pronged approach” to fundraising. One method he said would be through alumni networking because the money is going to help future NU students. From there he said he plans to hold small events to raise money, such as bakesales and car washes. Dutton said in addition, he will also personally take on general cleanup jobs around Evanston like shoveling snow, and all proceeds will go toward the organization.

According to information provided by University Aid Director Carolyn Lindley in an email to The Summer Northwestern, 47 percent of NU students are on financial aid. The Trustee’s Handbook Data from Lindley stated the outside scholarship amount (federal, state or private) for a typical NU student in 2012-2013 came to $3,340.

Dutton said he was always interested in charity, but unsure of an outlet until recently.

“I’m a big fan of supporting education, and I feel very blessed for the opportunity I’ve been given at Northwestern,” Dutton said. “I don’t want financial issues to be a reason why students do not come to Northwestern.”

He said the treatment he received from NU’s financial aid department ultimately made him choose to come to NU.

“Money made a big impact on whether or not I came to school at Northwestern or another school,” he said. “I’ve gotten a lot of help from the financial aid department.”

Dutton said he debated whether start an organization before or after graduating from NU. He decided to use the coming three years of his college experience to start 3 for 3 in 3, then pass on the values and organization after he graduated.

3 for 3 in 3 currently has a board of directors with Dutton at the forefront, he said. Dutton said he does not plan on expanding it much past its current structure, but hopes for volunteers to help with the fundraising. He also said he is considering turning 3 for 3 in 3 into a NU student organization and hopes to surpass the goal of $3,000 a year.

“Right now, it really all depends on how much support I get,” Dutton said. “For right now that’s the plan, to just raise the $3,000 at the beginning of the school year to either the family or student and let them use that how they will.

Weinberg junior Mikey Hlebasko is on 3 for 3 in 3’s board of directors, and he said the organization will be a good way to address an important issue.

“I think it’s really great to have some scholarships that are run entirely by students, because it’s sort of a ‘pay it forward’ thing really, for those who have had a little more opportunities,” Hlebasko said.

He said although he personally is not on financial aid, he has many friends at NU who benefit from financial aid and he takes the issue very seriously.

“Because it will be coming directly from other kids… I think that the people who receive (the scholarships) will be really inspired to be a big part of the greater student community,” he said.