UPDATED: Northwestern student arrested after Evanston drug busts says he’s no ‘big dealer’

Marshall Cohen

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Evanston Police arrested two men, including a Northwestern student, after a series of drug busts that recovered a substantial amount of marijuana and LSD in the lead-up to this year’s Dillo Day.

A third man was arrested Thursday on Chicago’s north side in connection with dealing drugs near campus.

Police say the raids were intentionally timed to disrupt drug sales in the days before the annual music festival, which was held Saturday.

“This was done to try and reduce the availability of illegal substances to students and attendees of the festival,” EPD spokesman Cmdr. Jay Parrott said in a news release Thursday.

Police charged Weinberg senior Tory Reiss, Evanston resident Michael Eaker and Chicago resident Roman Egorov with a combined nine felony drug charges, according to the release.

The arrests come after a two-week long investigation into the sale of illegal drugs near the NU campus.

Reiss, 22, originally from Denver, was arrested May 25 after EPD officers raided his home in the 800 block of Hamlin Street.

In his home, police said they found two grams of LSD – which would be enough for tens of thousands of doses. Commonly called acid, LSD is typically sold in minuscule amounts measured in micrograms, or millionths of a gram. Police said they also found five grams of Ecstasy, a small amount of marijuana and more than $3,000.

The Weinberg senior, who said he hopes to graduate this month, told The Daily on Friday that he was in possession of the psychedelic drug, but a much smaller amount for personal use rather than sale.

“What I actually had was essentially what myself and about 10 of my friends had for Dillo Day,” Reiss said. “I’m not this big dealer. That’s not the case whatsoever.”

Reiss said police concluded he had two grams of LSD because they weighed breath mint strips that contained “maybe a couple milliliters” of the actual drug itself.

When asked about Reiss‘ claims Friday evening, Parrott wrote in an email that he does not have any further information on the case.

Bob Rowley, the University’s director of media relations, said Thursday night in an email to The Daily that he had not heard of Reiss’ arrest and declined further comment.

One day before Reiss was arrested, EPD searched Eaker’s apartment in the 2200 block of Sherman Avenue and found more than 750 grams of marijuana, according to the release. They also recovered $10,000 during the May 24 raid.

“Anytime police make a sizable seizure, which in this case the first warrant executed was, it will have an impact on the demand,” Parrott said in an email to The Daily. “Monetary seizures also have an impact because it often affects future supply for the dealer.”

Police learned of Egorov allegedly selling drugs in Evanston as a result of the investigation after the first two arrests, according to the release.

Police raided his home in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago on Thursday and discovered 63 Ecstasy pills and 178 LSD tabs, according to the release. EPD notified the Chicago Police Department about the search warrant and arrest, Parrott said in an email to The Daily.

“During a police interview, (Egorov) admitted that he often sold drugs in Evanston and around the…Northwestern University campus,” Parrott said in the release.

Reiss and Eaker are scheduled to appear in court June 4. Egorov is scheduled to appear June 11.

Update: Illinois declined to further prosecute the case against Reiss as of July 27, 2012.