Q&A with Ashley Falcon of CaribNation’s Caribfest

Allison Lasher

Can’t wait until Dillo Day for your music fix? CaribNation’s got you covered. Northwestern’s weekend of music kicks off on Friday with CaribFest, an annual event featuring local groups including the New Dynamics, Hydroreggae and DJ Ringo. CaribFest promises to be a night of free food, fun and Caribbean culture. Ashley Falcon (Weinberg freshman), the event’s publicity chair, chatted with The Current about reaching out to Evanston, finding CaribFest’s performers and her own Dillo Day dreams. Excerpts: The Current: So, what exactly is CaribFest? Ashley Falcon: CaribFest is a multicultural event that we’re having. It’s being hosted by CaribNation, and we’re trying to bring or expose Evanston and the Northwestern community to Caribbean customs and food through performances and different Caribbean food. The Current: Who will be performing? AF: We’re having a DJ and host J Niice I think…from B96 come and they’re going to be giving away SummerBash tickets. We’re going to have dancers and a band and a steel drum band as well come. They are from the local Evanston and Chicago area…One of the bands that is coming, one of the members actually works in Sargent so we asked him if his band would come and play. The Current: What is CaribNation? AF: CaribNation is a multicultural minority group that’s under For Members Only, or FMO, and we are having this event that we have every year and it’s made up of eight to 10 people who represent different Caribbean cultures. The Current: What has the response been on campus? Are people excited? AF: Yeah, people are really excited. There’s been more [of] an anticipation for this event because they liked it last year and they know that it’s around this time of year. They’re like, “Oh, when is CaribFest?, How’s it going?” But … people who haven’t heard about the event before are also really excited. The Current: How have you gotten the word out in Evanston? AF: We’ve been putting up flyers in different businesses and restaurants. And a few of our members are actually from Evanston or near Evanston so they have been getting the word out to their family and friends. The Current: After CaribFest is another notorious day of music on campus. In honor of Dillo Day, who would be your dream performer? AF: I would love to see Kid Cudi come and perform. CaribFest will take place on Friday, May 25 from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. at Norris. -Allison Lasher