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Rachel Janik

@edrabbit: Why is Facebook going public? They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either. (May 17) @UtheMANskiy: 4 papers, 1 presentation, 1 short film, 2 exams, and dillo day stand between me and #summer2012 (May 22) @NickKlohonatz: Being bribed by ETHS students for a wristband for Dillo Day while giving a tour…. #classic. (May 22) @tpendz: “if you guys survive dillo day there will be office hours next week” #chem. (May 22) @LePetitSmudge: Big Boi/Reel Big Fish/Cold War Kids/ for Dillo Day 2012. I don’t care that I’m a grad student, I’m going #Northwestern. (May 16)

Your Two Cents

Campus fox: Cute or menace? Danielle Gawin, Weinberg junior said… “Menace. The animals on campus are scary. They aren’t afraid of people.” Joanna Powell, Weinberg senior said… “I don’t know, does he have a good job?” Where is your ideal summer vacation spot and why? Sean Earley, Communication freshman said… “The beach because the ocean is really relaxing to me, and I like sitting on the beach and not doing anything.” April McFadden, Medill freshman said… “I want to go to Cancun. I want to have a wild night and not remember.”