Twit Picks/Your 2 Cents

Rachel Janik

Twit Picks

@Ethan_Booker: I’d be a bad horse owner ’cause my horse would ALWAYS lose and I’d ALWAYS ask it, “Why the long face?”. (May 5) @danecook: If you can’t face the truth just text it. (May 9) @AshKetchum151: #ICantStandPeople who say i’m too old for pokemon. (May 7) @ThePotterStuff: Harry’s got 99 problems, but a snitch aint one. (May 7) @zachbraff: Friends, I went to a college in the USA called “Northwestern University.” Twas not a geography joke. (April 30) @SamGrittner: Ernie and Bert said to be elated. (May 9) @NUMensBball: Happy 22nd birthday to the top scorer in program history, the non-Twitter savvy John Shurna. (April 30)