Five Words For…Rebecca Black

Allison Lasher

Rebecca Black is back, this time with a track called “Sing It.” The less auto-tuned song and video were released Monday, possibly in an attempt to extend Black’s 15 minutes of fame. The Current and daily staffers respond: “New day of the week?” -Simone Alicea “Rebecca Black: Dillo Day 2013″ -Joseph Misulonas “Should be called, ‘Autotune It.'” -Ali Elkin “That familiar voice…kills me.” -Steven Montero “We-we-we so done.” -Allison Lasher “#1 Worst Black Friday Ad.” -Izzy Boncimino “New hit single, ‘It’s May!'” -Katy Vogt “Please please please go away.” -Avi Small “Y u no stop singing?!” -Derrick Clifton “Wasn’t the first humiliation enough?” -Jacqueline Andriakos