Police compliance check on parolees leads to weapon- and drug-related arrests

Joseph Diebold

Three Evanston parolees were taken into custody Thursday after a routine parole compliance check revealed they had allegedly violated the terms of their parole, according to an Evanston Police Department news release issued Thursday. The check, which was conducted on 32 local parolees, also resulted in the additional arrests of two men living with the parolees.

EPD spokesman Cmdr. Jay Parrott said the compliance checks, which are conducted in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Corrections, have no set schedule but are generally conducted at least once a year. Parrott said common parole violations include associating with other criminals and possession of contraband such as drugs and firearms.

“This type of operation is done to ensure that people who are put on parole are complying with the law and also complying with the rules for being on parole,” Parrott said. “However, when we do these operations it is not uncommon for us to find a couple of individuals who are not complying.”

The offender charged with the most parole violations in Thursday’s searches was Chavez Jones, who was on parole for possession of a controlled substance. Officers found two handguns with ammunition