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Rachel Janik

Twit Picks

@NUDM: A HUGE congrats to Matt Larsen and Katie Amys, @NUDM 2013’s Executive Co-Chairs, and ! DM 2013 starts NOW! (April 6)

@CHETHAZE: It takes grinding to be a king. (April 6)

@Lord_Voldemort7: Anybody tweeting #IHateSchoolBecause is whiny. Is a giant snake trying to murder your friends? No? Shut up & deal. (April 4)

@aoproductions: We are proud to announce Major Lazer and Method Man for A&O Ball 2012, and John Oliver for our second A&O Speaker! (April 2)

@TheRealDrewski1: Hungrier than Ron Weasley at Christmas dinner. (April 10)

-Rachel Janik