5 Words For Kristen Wiig

Allison Lasher

After seven seasons, rumors are swirling that “Saturday Night Live” favorite Kristen Wiig

might be leaving the show and taking her seemingly endless range of characters with her.

Whether it’s time for tearful goodbyes or just a cruel joke, the daily and Current staffers respond:

“‘Is that bad?’ Oh yes.”

– Megan Patsavas

“Time to stop watching SNL.”

Katy Vogt


Tanner Maxwell

“GILLY!! ‘Sorry’ is NOT okay!”

Stephanie Haines

“I didn’t know people watched.”

Allison Lasher

“Goodbye to Gilly and Penelope.”

Jacqueline Andriakos

“Don’t forget about Jason Sudeikis!”

Joseph Misulonas

“NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.”

Annie Chang