Blotter: April 10

Audrey Cheng

Evanston mother charged with child neglect

Evanston police arrested a 35-year-old Evanston mother Sunday in connection with child neglect and endangerment.

The woman’s 6-year-old daughter, who left the house on her own, was found by an Evanston citizen in the 1500 block of Lincoln Street, two blocks away from the child’s home on Eastwood Avenue, said Evanston Police Department spokesman Cmdr. Jay Parrott.

“It was practically over an hour before the individual was out of the residence, and the mother didn’t know how long the child was out of the house,” Parrott said.

Police charged the mother with a misdemeanor offense with a maximum potential penalty of up to a year in a jail.

The police department notified the Department of Child and Family Services upon reporting the situation.

Real estate agent reported stolen air conditioning unit

A real estate agent reported a missing air conditioning unit Friday from a foreclosed property in the 1800 block of Emerson Street.

The air conditioning unit, valued at about $1,000, was removed from the residence some time between April 1 and April 6, Parrott said.

“It’s a pretty considerable-sized unit,” he said. “It’s not something they can carry by themselves. They would have to have some assistance and a truck.”

Parrott added that thefts from foreclosed properties happen “more often than not.”

The thieves are unknown, he added, but police will investigate the case since it includes a high-value item.

If police officers cannot find the suspects, the bank can replace the air conditioning unit or lower the selling price of the house, Parrott said.

– Audrey Cheng

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