Blotter: March 30

Jia You

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Man loses wallet during Frisbee

An Evanston resident lost his wallet while playing Frisbee on Wednesday afternoon.

The 17-year-old laid his backpack down while playing at Mason Park, 1724 Church St., and found his wallet missing from the backpack later, said Perry Polinski, the Evanston Police Department’s communications coordinator. The man lost his work ID, some business cards and $20.

Car stolen on Michigan Avenue

An Evanston resident reported a car theft Tuesday.

The resident parked her black 1999 Honda Civic in the 900 block of Michigan Avenue on Sunday and found the car missing when she returned Tuesday afternoon, Polinski said. She also lost her house keys, several credit cards and some household goods, which she left in the car.

“The moral of the story there is you can’t leave valuables in your car,” Polinski said.