Five words for Snooki’s pregnancy

Allison Lasher

America’s favorite meatball is going to be getting a whole lot rounder. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of “The Jersey Shore” announced she is pregnant. Will she be able to go from Ron-Ron Juice to Motts? The Daily and Current staffers respond:

“She’s been ‘glowing’ for years.”

Megan Patsavas

“What would Blue Ivy do?”

Katy Vogt

“Who the f*ck’s is it?”

Annie Chang

“Gianni’s, Annie. They’re engaged now.”

Thomas Meyer

“The party…err…baby’s here!”

Jillian Sandler

“Hope it’s not a grenade.”

Kaitlyn Jakola

“Snooki’s pregnant now? MEATBALL PROBLEMS!”

Allison Lasher

“When will the baby hatch?”

Tanner Maxwell

“Is the hair poof genetic?”

Steven Montero

“Please, no naked magazine covers!”

Janalynn Pugh