Your Two Cents on the worst dressed at the Oscars and reading week

Brianna Keefe

Who do you think was the worst dressed at the Oscars?

“Penelope Cruz. She just looked old and matronly. Maybe it was the hair.” –Jermaine Dictado, Weinberg ‘14

“It was a disappointing year. Probably Meryl Streep. Actually no. I hated J.Lo’s. Huge mistake.” Rajul Parekh, Weinberg ‘13

How do you feel about having only three days for reading week?

“I’m indifferent, it’s fine, I’m not crying over it. I’m a senior, this is my last quarter, so I’m going to be done somehow.” –Max Cove, Communication ‘12

“Not cool. This quarter is rushed enough as it is. We don’t need a rushed reading week as well.” –Rachel Sachs, Weinberg ‘15