4 participants run in Waa-Mu’s Nearly Naked Mile to raise funds for Dance Marathon

Amanda Gilbert

Four runners participated in the Waa-Mu show’s Nearly Naked Mile run Saturday morning. The student-run theater group produces an annual student-written show every spring. The event was advertised as a fundraiser for Dance Marathon.

Communication junior Jake Perlman said the low attendance was not a big problem.

“I wish more people had come, but we didn’t have any firm expectations,” he said. “We were just hoping to get Waa-Mu’s name out a little more. We didn’t expect anything.”

Participants paid $5 before starting the race in the Wildcat Room at Norris University Center. They ran for a mile on the Lakefill. Communication senior Letty Perez said the event had a dual purpose.

“The mile run can help people in Dance Marathon raise money,” Perez said. “It also raises awareness about the large Waa-Mu community.”

Runners were allowed to undress for the race as long as they kept underwear on.

Perlman encouraged runners to dress in whatever way made them happy. He did not want runners to feel uncomfortable during the race.

“I’m just glad we got to give back to the community in a fun way,” he said.

Perlman said he was happy to find that the students had fun with the nearly-naked idea. One runner wore long, striped boxers, and another wore black underwear and an Alpha Phi headband to represent her sorority.

The A Phi team won 50 percent of the entry fee donations for bringing the most members to the race: two A Phis attended.

Perlman said he was also happy with its success as one of the first Waa-Mu advertising events.

“It’s a celebration of student talent,” he said. “Everything is done by the students, and any student can do it.”

Communication senior Rachel Shapiro said she was happy with the number of people interested in the event and the unique way it raised money, despite the low turnout.

Over 600 people have “liked” Waa-Mu’s page on Facebook since the school year began, and 36 responded as “going” on the Naked Mile event page on Facebook.

“It was just awesome to express a new way to raise money,” Shapiro said. “Just like Waa-Mu shows new skills and talents by students.”

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