5 Words for… Eli Manning

Allison Lasher

Quarterback Eli Manning led the Giants to yet another Super Bowl win. The Daily and The Current staffers respond:

“Manning, you are the MAN.”

Jillian Sandler

“The only Manning for me.”

Michele Corriston

“Little brother on top now.”

Janalynn Pugh

“Whatever, Brady’s wife is hotter.”

Avi Small

“What’d you do last Sunday?”

Sarah Daoud

“Congratulations on eclipsing your brother.”

Marshall Cohen

“Appropriate win in Peyton’s stadium.”

Elyse Roth

“Quit football, model argyle sweaters.”

Susan Du

“Why am I not surprised?”

Tanner Maxwell

“Tom Brady is way hotter.”

Elise De Los Santos

“How is Peyton holding up?”

Morgan Krehbiel

“So where’s YOUR supermodel wife?”

Shelly Tan

“Superbowl? Unimportant. More ESPN commercials.”

Ava Wallace