2 Evanston teenagers face multiple drug charges

Audrey Cheng

Two Evanston residents face multiple drug charges after officers from the Wilmette Police Department searched a north Evanston home Friday.

Patrick Whitington and Kyle Lucki, both 18,were detained after WPD officers searched Whitington’s home, 2508 Thayer St.,and discovered several illegal substances.

Officers found 79.6 grams of cannabis, three Ecstasy pills, 186 Alprazolam pills, 23 Ritalin pills, 3.7 grams of cocaine and 72 nitrous oxide cylinders, according to a WPD news release issued Monday.

The investigation began in Wilmette, directly north of Evanston, where WPD received a tip about drugs being used and sold at the north Evanston house, according to the news release. WPD coordinated with the Evanston Police Department to search the house Friday evening.

EPD spokesman Cmdr. Jay Parrott said Evanston officers were involved only in the search.

“(Wilmette Police) wanted the Evanston police there as a courtesy and as a precaution,” Parrott said. “In case something does go wrong, there’s local police on scene to assist because it is in Evanston.”

WPD spokesman Cmdr. Patrick Collins declined further comment Tuesday.

During his arrest, Whitington said he possessed all of the substances with the exception of the cannabis. He also indicated he intended to deliver the cocaine, Ecstasy and Alprazolam. Lucki told the WPD he possessed all the cannabis and had the intent to deliver the drugs.

Bond for Lucki was set at $10,000, while bond for Whitington was set at $30,000.

Lucki told The Daily he was feeling “pretty good” Tuesday night.

“For the most part I’m not too worried,” Lucki said. “But as of right now, I don’t really want to say anything because the press and the police have been using a lot against me, and it’s been hurting my case.”

Whitington’s mother told The Daily on Tuesday she was “really upset about this” and declined further comment.

Marshall Cohen contributed reporting.

– Audrey Cheng